The Writers Initiative


The vision for the Writers Initiative is to foster an organisation that caters for individuals who wish to further their skill and knowledge in writing. Along side this to educate and promote writing and reading for all and spread its positive effects.


    • Cultivation of writing:
      • Whether just starting out, or as an experienced writer you can further cultivate your writing.
      • Share your knowledge and provide constructive feedback on the work of other writers.
      • Through the cultivation of your writing you can further entertain, inform or educate your readers.
      • Or technically improve and refine your English grammar to correctly articulate the meanings you wish to share.
    • Reading and Learning:
      • Encourage, nudge and push people to read and get better informed on what is happening in the world around them.
      • Not just to take information at face value and creating thoughts and views based on informed knowledge.


The Writers Initiative was established in 2018 in the UK, but plans to work worldwide. It was been setup by Chris Mitchell, Martin Boyd and Mike Davies.

Chris Mitchell has extensive experience in managing many different types of IT, website and media projects. He has keen interests in reading, writing and technology.

Mike Davies is a freelance language teacher who has worked with many clients from Google, CitiBank and Shell. He is a keen traveler, regularly theater attendee and book reader.